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Arranging a funeral is not a one-size-fits-all situation. We have many options
available, so we can best fit your family’s needs and budget.

Traditional Funeral Service with Burial

This option typically includes a visitation where loved ones can take their time comforting the family and saying goodbye to their loved one. This is usually followed by a religious or secular service in one of our chapels or funeral homes before the family heads to the gravesite for the burial.

Families then typically hold a graveside service after the casket is transported to the final resting place of the family’s choosing. Cypress Lawn offers a large variety of caskets to accommodate different budgets. As with most cemeteries, Cypress Lawn requires that caskets are placed in a burial vault. Our team can guide you through our extensive selection room and help you select the options that best fit your needs.

Casket Catalog
The professionals at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home can assist you in making funeral selections that best represent your loved one. We offer a large selection of caskets and vaults in various price ranges and can help guide you through our extensive selection.

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Cremation with Service

Choosing cremation does not mean your family cannot hold a funeral service for your loved one. In fact, you can still hold a funeral service for your loved one with their body present, depending on your family’s wishes. After the service, the cremated remains can be buried, scattered, or returned to the family for permanent possession in an urn or through another personalized keepsake.If your family would prefer for the body to be cremated before the service, we can also assist with this as well.

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If a traditional service is not what you have envisioned for your loved one, we can help you arrange a gathering instead. Some families feel more comfortable without a casket or urn present. A gathering can be held anywhere that is most convenient for your family. Cypress Lawn’s team members can help to arrange all the details, even if the gathering is held off-site.


We can arrange a catered reception for your family and friends, which is typically held after a service. Our modern reception center at Cypress Lawn was designed with comfort in mind and can accommodate 77 guests. Our team can serve everything from light refreshments to delicious meals. Food can be presented buffet-style, or you can choose to have it professionally catered. You get to select the menu, meaning you can choose the special recipes that mean the most to your family.

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