Best Burial Services in Brisbane, CA

Not everyone envisions the same type of burial for their loved one. At Cypress Lawn, we offer our neighbors in Brisbane, CA lots of in-ground burial options. From single grave spaces to double-depth lawn crypt spaces, our staff is confident your family will find a burial plot that fits your preferences and budget. We give families the option to choose a personalized memorial plaque to permanently commemorate their loved one. Whether you’re in immediate need or seeking a plot for the distant future, our funeral planning experts will help you find a beautiful spot for your loved one.

Planning Ahead with Us

We encourage all our neighbors in Brisbane to plan their funerals ahead of time whenever possible. Making prearrangements saves you time and money and can even ease the stress of the future for both you and your family. Our planning professionals will help you navigate the planning process from start to finish and make all the necessary decisions. You’ll get all your final wishes in writing, and we’ll keep these in a safe place here at our funeral home.

Our Commitment to Families

Our peaceful and idyllic cemetery offers stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It makes a one-of-a-kind location for a final resting place for you or your loved one. In addition to burial, we provide full-service funeral, cremation, and reception services to families in our area. Our funeral professionals have experience serving families from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds.

Contact Us

We encourage our neighbors in Brisbane to contact us (650) 550-8808 with any questions about our exceptional burial services. Our experienced staff is happy to provide more information over the phone or meet with you in person at our funeral home. We take great pride in serving you and your family.