• History of Colma – “The City of Souls”
    The town of Colma, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area is known as the “City of Souls,” because it is home to several cemeteries, including Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park. In fact, approximately 1.5 million “souls” reside in Colma, which was officially founded as a necropolis in 1924. Because of this, the ...
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  • New Historical Trolley Tours at Cypress Lawn
    It is our pleasure to host our neighbors from the San Francisco Bay Area and those from far away, as they come to Cypress Lawn to enjoy the scenery, stroll our breathtaking grounds, and perhaps find and visit a loved one’s final resting place. We have been providing excellent funeral, cremation, and burial services for ...
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  • Noteworthy Veterans Buried at Cypress Lawn
    With Veteran’s Day upon us, the team at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park is reminded of the fact that we are honored to serve as the burial location for many of our country’s most notable veterans. Our beautiful grounds are the final resting place for more than 4,000 soldiers and veterans. Many of them were buried ...
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  • Interview with Michael Svanevik: The Greatest Sea Battle of World War II
    Cypress Lawn, through its Heritage Foundation, is amid its 17th year of providing free lectures on a variety of interesting topics to the community. It’s one more way we work to ensure the preservation and restoration of the history of Cypress Lawn and the state of California. We invite you to join us every month ...
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  • Noble
    Preserving Bay Area History: The Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation
    A little over seven million people call the San Francisco Bay Area home – and we’re lucky enough to be among them! It’s hard to wrap your mind around a number that big, but think about it for a moment – over seven million unique individuals, who all have a life story, interests, passions, and ...
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