• Grief Tips for Valentine’s Day Without Your Loved One

    Getting through Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult if you’re grieving a loved one. Be kind to yourself and prioritize self-care during the holiday.

  • Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Has Died

    Our Cypress Lawn staff members are devoted to helping families across San Francisco and the Bay Area arrange beautiful funeral services for their loved ones. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, our planning experts will help you craft a personalized tribute to your loved one. There are so many unique ways to honor a …
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  • How to Cultivate Gratitude Amid a Season of Grief

    In recent years, gratitude practices have been acknowledged as beneficial for mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Focusing on what you’re grateful for places your attention on the present moment and can soothe feelings of grief and loss. When you’ve recently lost a loved one, cultivating gratitude can be incredibly difficult. At Cypress Lawn, our …
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  • Advice for Helping Children Cope with Loss

    The death of a loved one is one of the most challenging life experiences many of us will face. It’s especially difficult for a child. Coping with loss can seem hopeless at times, but there are some ways to help children move through grief. At Cypress Lawn, our staff members provide funeral and cremation services …
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  • Lessons Learned About Death in Popular Culture

    We host many events here at Cypress Lawn — from tours of our world-class Arboretum to lecture series and flag retirement ceremonies to Memorial Day celebrations and more.   One event we remember with fondness happened back in 2019. Dozens of people of all ages joined us on a Saturday night to watch an outdoor …
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  • Serving All Religions and Cultural Traditions in the Bay Area

    The Bay Area is rich in religious and cultural diversity. It’s one of the many things that makes this part of the world such a vibrant and inspiring home. Just as each culture takes a unique approach to births, weddings, and other significant life events, a funeral presents a meaningful opportunity to honor a loved …
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  • Why the Deaths of Celebrities Can Affect Us Deeply

    With each passing year, we pay tribute to the celebrities who have died, and some of these deaths affect us very deeply. Even if you didn’t know someone personally, you may still feel compelled to mourn their death. Many of our neighbors in San Francisco and the Bay Area are surprised at how sad they …
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  • Drug Overdose Resources in the Bay Area

    The opioid crisis continues to plague the entire state, including San Francisco and the Bay Area. Since its widespread use in the early 2000s, fentanyl remains the leading cause of accidental drug overdoses in California, among both adults and children. At Cypress Lawn, our compassionate staff members take the rise in drug overdoses in our …
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  • 7 Tips for Men Who Are Grieving

    Here at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Park, our compassionate staff helps our grieving neighbors throughout the Bay Area.   Grieving the death of a loved one is a difficult thing for anyone, no matter their gender. Because of socialization and cultural norms, many men experience grief in a particular way. Compared to women, …
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  • Coping With Loss and Grief Around the Holidays

    By Robert A. Gordon Jr., President & CEO of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park I talk with families every day who have recently lost a loved one, and they almost always say the same thing about this time of year: It’s difficult. Some wish they could skip December altogether. Others tell me they’re …
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