4 Questions You Need to Ask Any Cremation Provider

Sooner or later, we all learn this important life lesson: Trust takes years to build. Whether it’s in relationships, products we purchase, or services we utilize, trust is foundational. Our top priority here at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home is maintaining the trust of families who come to us for their funeral and cremation needs.

We’ve been serving the Bay Area for more than 125 years and have built a reputation as the community’s most trusted funeral provider. Here’s why that means so much to us: Throughout the U.S., the funeral industry is continually rocked by scandal – particularly when it comes to cremation. Naturally, many people have become leery of funeral homes and the services they provide. But our professional team is like none other, going the extra mile so you can have confidence that we are treating your loved one with the utmost dignity.

If you are considering preplanning a funeral or are looking into your crematory options, here are the questions you should ask cremation providers:

  1. Do you own and operate your own crematory?

This question may not have occurred to you, but it is an essential one. Many funeral homes hire third-party crematories, which are typically located in a warehouse district or industrial area. Funeral home employees may transfer your loved one to these outside services, creating uncertainty about the organization and supervision of the cremation. Here at Cypress Lawn, we have our own private, on-site crematory at Noble Chapel – complete with a family viewing area. All your services are managed and performed by our certified staff. You can have peace of mind knowing we oversee the entire cremation process, and your loved one never leaves our care.

  1. What kind of checks and balances do you have in place for cremation?

We are the exclusive provider of the 10-step Cremation with ConfidenceTM Guarantee in the San Francisco Bay Area. This trademarked, rigorous process ensures that your loved one is always treated with respect and that the cremated remains you receive are, indeed, those of your loved one. Cremation with Confidence™ includes a strict, ethical code that goes over and above the state regulations.

  1. Can I view the crematory facility and equipment ahead of time?

We know deciding on cremation is a highly personal matter, and you’ll want assurance that our facilities and equipment are state of the art, immaculately maintained, and environmentally safe. We would be happy to give you a personal tour of our cremation facility.

  1. What kind of training does your staff receive?

We cannot say enough about our team of knowledgeable and licensed professionals. We strictly adhere to the Cremation with ConfidenceTM Guarantee, and are members of ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association), which provides advanced staff training.

As you learn more about cremation options, we offer this gentle reminder: The peace of mind you’ll gain in choosing Cypress Lawn is unmatched. Our thoughtful staff will help you create a personalized, affordable farewell that will truly bring healing to your whole family. Reach out to us anytime with questions, to set up a tour, or to begin putting your arrangements in place.