4 Ways to Offer Thanks to a Hospice Caregiver

In hospitals, care communities, and homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, there are skilled and compassionate physicians, nurses, aids, social workers, administrators, and volunteers working together to help people who are seriously ill or aging. All of us at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home know that these caregivers often leave a lasting impression on the families they serve.

Hospice services are requested for many reasons, usually for those facing a life-limiting illness or injury, and caregivers often provide support for their patient plus his or her loved ones. The goal of hospice care is to help manage a patient’s pain and other symptoms so that the patient may live as comfortably as possible and make the most of the time that remains. Yet the role of a hospice caregiver extends far beyond physical needs. We recognize they not only address a patient’s physical needs, but often, their emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well.

Our staff at Cypress Lawn wholeheartedly acknowledges the significance of caregivers, and we realize their impact is likely never forgotten by those who live on after their loved one has died.  That’s why we provide information and resources to help care for caregivers. Another way we strive to honor exceptional caregivers is through our Hospice Caregiver Award Program. We’ll explain more about that below, along with offering a few other ways you can express appreciation to a hospice caregiver who has made a difference in your life.

  1. Nominate a caregiver for Cypress Lawn’s Hospice Caregiver Award Program.

Each month, Cypress Lawn selects a caregiver from nominations received online and by mail.  The selected caregiver will be recognized for their honorable work and receive a gift card with a $200 value. Winners will be announced each month on our website, blog and social media pages. Anyone can nominate a caregiver by filling out this form on our web site or printing this form and sending it by mail.

  1. Write a caregiver a heartfelt note.

Families of patients often say they feel numb and even detached while their loved one is receiving hospice care. As a result, they have trouble expressing their gratitude in the moment. No matter how much time has passed since a caregiver has provided service, writing a sincere note of thanks is always appropriate and appreciated. Many caregivers say they cherish notes from patients and their families, and they are buoyed by the messages of gratitude.

  1. Provide food!

Who doesn’t love to eat? Whether it’s providing a home-cooked meal or take-out from a local restaurant, the gift of a good meal is always appreciated.

  1. Give a charitable donation.

Many caregivers are prohibited from accepting gifts, but would be honored by a charitable donation given in their name, whether to the hospice organization itself or another organization of their choosing.

During this difficult time, our resources, such as our Griefwords Library, Acute Loss materials, or the Guiding Grief Interactive Support Video can help you as you process your loved one’s illness, or their passing. Remember that you are never alone. We are here for you and encourage you to reach out at any time.