How to Choose a Cremation Provider

American consumers make dozens of purchasing choices every week. Many of these decisions are almost automatic – maybe you visit the same local bistro every Friday night and know the exact winery you like to take out-of-town guests to visit. Some of these buying decisions are more important than others – obviously, your choice of grocery store is not as important as your choice of surgeon for a medical procedure. Perhaps one of the biggest purchasing decisions you will ever make will be your choice of cremation provider. Nothing could be more important than the final disposition of someone you love – or your own, if you choose to preplan.

What should be the most important considerations when choosing a cremation provider? It might seem overwhelming, but we can provide some expert guidance to get you started.

Choosing Cremation ProviderMake sure you can trust the provider.

This is perhaps the most critical factor. You want to make sure it is someone with an established reputation in your area. Cypress Lawn was the first cremation provider in northern California, and over a century later, we are still providing families in the Bay Area with dignified cremation services.

You also will want to inquire about what guarantees the provider offers. Cypress Lawn is the only cremation provider in our area to offer the Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee. Our exclusive 10-step process is followed meticulously, offering you peace of mind. All cremations are done right here at Cypress Lawn in our state-of-the-art cremation center, ensuring your loved one never leaves our professional care. We encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about Cremation with Confidence™ and what it means for you.

Don’t choose based on price point alone.

When it comes to something as important as cremation, cheaper is not always better. However, Cypress Lawn offers a number of affordable options for those choosing cremation. If you become a member of the Cypress Lawn Cremation Society, you will receive discounts on some of our services.

Find out what others have said.

Don’t take the cremation provider’s word for it. Check out their reviews online, including Facebook. While we all know you have to take what you read online with a grain of salt, it might provide some insight for you. Also, ask your friends, family, and neighbors about who they trust.

Make sure they offer the options you need to honor your loved one’s wishes and find closure.

At many funeral homes, selecting cremation can mean limited options. With Cypress Lawn Funeral Home, that is not the case. We offer just as many service options with cremation as we do with traditional burial. You can have a public or private visitation, memorial service at Cypress Lawn or your church, a catered gathering, or graveside burial. Our staff will also work closely with you to make sure the service or memorial tells the story of your loved one’s life. We offer a number of personalization options like eulogies, balloon or dove releases, live music, photo boards, personalized urns, keepsake jewelry and more.

Our families also find tremendous comfort in having a place to come back to visit their loved one. A niche on the beautiful, historic Cypress Lawn grounds allows a final resting place that is weather protected, with the ability to display beloved mementos such as a wedding invitation, a recent drawing from a grandchild, or a love bouquet.

We believe this kind of meaningful planning – which you can accomplish even with cremation – is an important part in moving from what is called the acute loss phase to the beginning of your grief healing process.

There are no words to express the value of the peace of mind that comes from choosing Cypress Lawn as your cremation provider. We will help you create a farewell that truly brings healing to your whole family.