Comfort in Convenience: Caring for All Your Needs at Cypress Lawn

Losing a loved one can turn life upside down. Whether there was time to prepare for the death or it was completely unexpected, the shock and grief that follow often feel overwhelming. Our staff at Cypress Lawn understands how devastating this can be for our San Francisco Bay Area neighbors, and for that reason, we design services around your specific wants and wishes.

We’re able to help you arrange everything including visitations and viewings, services with eulogies, musical performances and video tributes, above-ground and below-ground burials, floral arrangements, and more. And since we offer all of these services under one roof, from our stunning Bay-area location, you experience not just Cypress Lawn excellence, but also the highest levels of convenience. Simplicity in planning is important when you’re dealing with grief.

We also have our own private, on-site crematory here at Cypress Lawn. Too many providers – particularly discount providers – outsource to third-party crematories. Maybe even in another city or county! We are able to promise you that your loved one will never leave our care. In addition, we are also the only cremation provider in the Bay Area that offers the Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee, a rigorous, trademarked system of 10 different checks and balances designed to ensure your loved one is treated with dignity and that the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one.

What’s more, we’re happy to help plan and host a complete reception, whether you have something simple or elaborate in mind. We cannot overstate the importance of coming together to share food and memories after a funeral. This is such a valuable part of the grieving process for family and friends alike. But here’s what else we know from our decades of experience: Planning a reception at your home or trying to figure out the logistics at a local hall or restaurant is not something you want to do while grieving. Let us take on the planning, so you can focus on what matters most.

And whether traditional burial or cremation is your choice, we can help you find a resting place that is beautiful and serene. From in-ground burial to one of our indoor, climate-controlled mausoleums to a cremation niche, we have the options to meet your needs and your budget.

If you’ve been thinking about putting your own arrangements in place, or it’s time to plan for someone you love and have lost, don’t hesitate to contact us. There really is so much peace that come from simplifying the entire planning process by arranging everything in one place. And our experienced team is ready to help you with every detail to make the final farewell a truly healing experience.