Cypress Lawn Becomes Official Level I Arboretum

Trees have always been a centerpiece here at Cypress Lawn, dating back to our beginnings in 1892, when Founder Hamden Holmes Noble brought in plant materials from around the world to create a stunning, park-like setting along the Bay Area peninsula. More than a century later, Cypress Lawn is widely known for its breathtaking views, historic chapels, and expertly craft statuary – and now we are thrilled to add a new accreditation: Global network ArbNet has officially recognized Cypress Lawn as a Level 1-certified arboretum!

To be considered for ArbNet’s Level 1 accreditation, Cypress Lawn has to have a publicly accessible site with a minimum number of 25 species of trees or woody plants, along with a governing body, an arboretum plan, and staff or volunteers to ensure fulfillment of the plan.

This accreditation is an important milestone for Cypress Lawn, reflecting the uniqueness of our historic 200-acre property, and our mission to provide a beautiful place of rest for those families interred – as well as a peaceful sanctuary for their descendants.

Our Arboretum uniquely includes trees indigenous to the Northeast right here in Northern California, including the live oak, scrub oak, and a variety of pines. These are in addition to mature trees from all parts of the world, with a wide array of North American, European, and Australian species. Many plants, trees, and shrubs were selected for their conveyance of love, grief, happiness, or religious meaning, much like the use of plant materials in art and architecture.

At Cypress Lawn, we observe tree planting throughout the year, and offer free trolley tours as a community service and educational experience through the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation. There are also opportunities for families to memorialize their loved ones through the Foundation’s Horticultural Remembrance Program, part of our Living Legacy Society.

We take great pride in preserving and promoting our 125-year history, and our timeless arboretum is at the heart of it. We make every effort to meet the needs of each person in our community, ensuring that all our friends and neighbors can take in the spectacular beauty of Cypress Lawn. To that end, we offer our docent-led public trolley tours of Cypress Lawn, featuring information about our history, famous people who rest here, and the many treasures that live at Cypress Lawn. We also provide detailed maps for self-guided tours, lectures on a variety of topics, and even a mobile app allowing you to search for loved ones and navigate to any gravesite.

Join us in celebrating our Level I Accreditation by visiting us and viewing one of the most beautiful natural areas in the world. We like to say that Cypress Lawn offers a glimpse of heaven on earth; it’s one you’ll want to see for yourself.