Family Websites: Make Sure Your Story Lives Forever

Do you ever wonder how your story will be told after you’ve left this world? Legacy is something that’s very important to most Bay Area families, and it’s easy to see why. No one wants to be forgotten, and we all hope that long after we’re gone, our descendants will know who we were, what we accomplished, and how we loved and were loved.

This is why Cypress Lawn has introduced the family website. When you choose Cypress Lawn for a funeral or memorial service, you will gain access to a unique, customizable website – one of the first of its kind – that is like a time capsule of your life. Ready to be opened and explored by your grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Through this digital repository filled with your words, photos, and family artifacts, those who come after you will no longer wonder who you were. They will feel as though they’re sitting right there in your lap hanging on to your every word. What better gift to give your descendants?

Additionally, in order to ensure your family website is available for generations, we have cultivated the largest cemetery endowment in Northern California. In fact, we believe the continued telling of your story to be so valuable, we’ve set aside a significant portion of this $120 million endowment for the preservation of cemetery records, including your family website. This will guarantee your family narrative will never fade away – or get deleted.

But this is so much more than just a website. It’s foresight. And it begins with hindsight. With every old family photo, news clipping, or document uploaded, your family timeline will be built automatically on your website. It’s the quilt of your heritage. The fabric of your genealogy.



The digital family scrapbook can be accessed from anywhere and has unlimited, permanent storage. It’s one safe place for memories, information about family military service, health records, and more. And since you only share the website with those you choose, your privacy is assured.

Just imagine various members of your family, representing different generations, building your family tree. An aunt in San Diego. A teenager in Sacramento. A grandfather in Arizona. Each at different computers and with different recollections and viewpoints to share. Customizing your website with unique graphics, colors, and fonts that fit your family’s personality. This collection, collaboration, and connection will enrich your family bond.

So, if you have questions about those who came before you, such as…

  • Did Grandma and Grandpa really get engaged atop a Ferris wheel at the World’s Fair?
  • Is it true that Uncle Ray actually won an Olympic medal?
  • What was it like when my family arrived on that boat in New York harbor?

…remember, those who come after you will have the same questions about YOU. Make sure to preserve and protect your family story by choosing Cypress Lawn and building your unique family website.