Your Final Resting Place: Let Us Help You Choose

It’s time again to turn over the last page on the calendar and collectively gasp that 2018 is actually here! A brand-new year full of promise is beginning for the San Francisco Bay area, and that means it’s time for New Year’s resolutions. Just the word “resolution” can inspire groans and cheers all at once, but whatever your reaction, we hope you join us in taking this opportunity to reflect with gratitude on the past year and get organized for the days ahead—and although it may seem counterintuitive, the family at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home can tell you an organized life includes a thorough plan for the end of life too.

Have you given any thought to where you’d prefer to be laid to rest? Having a plan will not only ensure your last wishes are carried out, but it will also prepare your loved ones when the time comes. Whether you’d like to be buried in a lush green landscape or be scattered somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, there are countless options available to you, and Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home has been helping families across California choose a final resting place for over a century.

Many families we serve select in-ground or garden burial. We offer many in-ground burial options including single grave spaces, double depth lawn crypt spaces, multiple space lots, large family garden and hedge estates, and private family plots.

Above-ground entombment was initially the exclusive option for the privileged rich and famous. But in 1910, Cypress Lawn built its first classic community mausoleum with a stained glass-dome, called the Catacombs. Our cemetery has since expanded and now offers several public mausoleums with a wide selection of facilities at affordable costs. The Halls of Remembrance, Cypress Haven, Heritage Court, and Magnolia Mausoleum offer single, companion, tandem, couch and quadruple crypts for families.

Another wonderful reason to be buried at Cypress Lawn is that no matter where life takes your loved one, they can always visit your grave virtually, whenever they want, using our Cemetery 360 tool. We invite you to come by any time for help in finding a place of eternal rest for you or a loved one.

At Cypress Lawn, all your arrangements can be made in one place—be it a graveside funeral or a gathering of friends and family to celebrate life. If you’re interested in cremation, we can demystify the options by explaining our exclusive 10-Step Cremation Process. No matter your choice, rest assured your peace of mind comes first in everything we do. Our team of experts will coordinate and personalize each and every aspect of your last goodbye.

Again, now is the time for a fresh start and new beginnings. As you’re gathering with those closest to you to celebrate the New Year, take advantage of the moment to discuss your end-of-life plans together. Use our online preplanning tools and choose how you’d like to be remembered, then trust Cypress Lawn to accomplish your plan so you can start the New Year with the confidence of an organized life!