What Our Flag Retirement Ceremony Means to Veterans

Serving our nation’s veterans – American’s heroes – is one of our biggest honors at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park.

We ensure that Bay Area veterans are treated with respect and dignity as we help their families choose funeral and cremation services.We also host special events for veterans, including a flag retirement ceremony.

This past July, over 200 American flags were honorably cremated during an annual ceremony held at Cypress Lawn’s historic and beautiful Noble Chapel. Organizations who joined us this year and in previous years include the American Legion (Posts 82 and 105), the American Legion Riders (Posts 82 and 105), the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Freemasons (Phoenix Lodge, Burlingame Lodge, Pacific Starr-King Lodge), and the Asiya Shriners.

Three veterans who participated in this honorable event shared with us why this event means so much to them.

“To many of us – veterans and patriots alike – the flag means everything: our hopes, dreams, families, and most of all, our freedom. Our country is not perfect – but our flag is. From its original 13 red and white stripes to the white stars on the blue background for 244 years, our flag has stood for everything good in America. The flag has been our inspiration during times of conflict to do what needs to be done to protect our way of life and keep America free. The flag retirement at Cypress Lawn is by far the best expression of how much our flag means to us. The retirement ceremony is done with the utmost respect and honor.”

“This event, like so many, is consistent with honoring those who served and continue to serve. The foundation of our organizational existence is to always remember and never forget. Despite our various life’s journeys, our shared experiences allow our paths to cross at amicable events like this. We are great together versus alone. This is the energy that emanates from each smiling face. This event offers attendees yet another opportunity to experience the ultimate in human compassion, cooperation, and service. We separate knowing we are loved and that we will be remembered into perpetuity like those who have gone before us.”

“The special reverence during this service shows that we honor the flag of our country as we honor those who have given all or some so that we can enjoy the liberty afforded to citizens of this country. Veterans who served, and patriots who have not, stand next to one another with respect and humility for the symbol of our great nation – our U.S. flag. Like those who have served, each flag has served honorably and has passed its serviceable life, representing all that is good with our country. Each flag deserves a proper and respectful burial. It is because of this respect and commitment that we attend and support the continuation of this special event. By Cypress Lawn hosting an event such as this, it shows its commitment to the patriots and veterans of our community; that it stands with and behind our greatest treasure – our people.”

At Cypress Lawn, it is our privilege to not only serve veterans but to also help their families during every step of the process. We go above and beyond to ensure that veterans receive all of the benefits they are entitled to, including burial in a national cemetery, custom military headstones, and services with full military honors.

The Cypress Lawn team is here for you and your family 24/7. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (650) 550-8808 or contact us through our website.