Going Green: Protecting the Environment in Your End-of-Life Decisions

At Cypress Lawn, we hear from people all the time who have a strong desire to leave a legacy for their surviving family members. This can extend to a number of different areas in life, and for many people in the Bay Area, it also includes the physical impact they have on the environment. From solar energy to hybrid cars, many are looking at ways to reduce the negative effect they have on nature in order to leave a clean, healthy world for future generations.

For many, this passion informs their choices for final disposition after a loved one passes away or when they’re making their own prearrangements. If this is a concern for you, we want you to know you have options at Cypress Lawn. We’re committed to creating the final farewell that captures your values.

The idea of a green, or natural burial, isn’t new, but it is becoming more popular. With green burial, the desire is to care for the deceased in a way that is respectful and dignified, but also makes a minimal imprint on the environment by aiding in the conservation of natural resources and using more environmentally-friendly materials.

Here at Cypress Lawn, we can help you plan a green burial, including making available to you a number of green caskets and urn options. These caskets and urns are made of products like pine or wicker that biodegrade more easily and are often produced in a way that is healthier for the environment.

If you want a green burial, cremation might be the right choice because it uses far fewer resources than other disposition options. Our columbarium niches are also

very environmentally-friendly, as they take up less space and the ground does not need to be disturbed for burial.

The most important thing when planning a funeral – whether it’s cremation or burial – is that the options selected and the service planned reflects the life that was lived. At Cypress Lawn, we work with so many different families every day, and we know how to help you plan the service that meets your needs and wishes.

Would a green burial be something that you would consider? Tell us in the comment section below.