Gratitude in the Midst of Grief

How to Have Gratitude in the Midst of Grief

It’s the time of year when many people put an extra emphasis on gratitude and thankfulness. But it can be hard to get into the feeling of this season when you’ve lost someone close to you.

When you lose someone you love, the grief never really goes away, does it? And for most, the holidays are especially painful. From childhood, we’re taught this is a time of family togetherness. When that key person is missing at the Thanksgiving table, the gaping hole is felt by all, and especially by those closest to them.

No matter how hard it is, you can get through it. And you’re never alone. At Cypress Lawn, we’re always here for you with aftercare resources.

Here are some perspectives and tips that may be helpful to you during this season if you’ve recently lost someone you love:

Take care of yourself.

If you feel awful and can’t think of anything to be grateful for – that’s okay! Don’t put pressure on yourself to be “happy.” If you feel like you’re not up to your family’s usual holiday celebrations, give yourself permission to not participate. Take each day, and each moment, one at a time, and forgive yourself.

Take care of others.

If you feel up to it, one of the best ways to foster gratitude in your own heart is by serving others. Maybe your local church or community center is feeding the less fortunate during the holidays. If your traditional holiday plans would be too painful, this is a great way to do something different.

Cherish the moments you had.

The pain and grief in your heart is evidence of the love you gave and received to your friend or family member. Contemplate the good times, and unwrap each memory as if it were a gift.

How to Have Gratitude in the Midst of GriefFind support.

Surround yourself with people who love you and don’t judge you. Spend time with them if you feel up to it. If you’re not feeling up to social activities, but you’re looking for support, be sure to connect with our online, interactive grief support.

If you haven’t experienced a loss, you probably know someone who has. Please share this blog post with your friends and followers on Facebook or Twitter – it could make the difference for someone this Thanksgiving.