How Receptions Create Togetherness

So often, Bay Area families tell our staff at Cypress Lawn that their loved one’s visitation and funeral went by in a blur. That there wasn’t much of a chance to gather themselves emotionally, reflect, or connect with family and friends.

We understand how this happens, what with feelings of shock, confusion, and exhaustion all rolled into one. In the case of an unexpected death, those in attendance are often numb and haven’t been able to process their loss.

While the  funeral brings everyone together – some of whom may not have seen each other for a long time – it’s usually the reception that allows everyone to talk, laugh, cry, and reconnect in a more casual setting.

This is an opportunity to tell stories, some of which the family hasn’t heard before. It’s a time to share treasured memories and hear how lives were touched by the person who meant so much.

Most families are overwhelmed at the mere thought of hosting a reception right after the funeral. But that’s where we step in. At Cypress Lawn, we can arrange a catered reception for you and your guests at our reception center before or after any service you plan at our location.

Our reception center accommodates up to 77 guests in a modern building with soothing colors and large windows that provide natural light. You don’t have to think twice or worry about coordinating reservations and transportation to and from a restaurant.

Our staff can serve everything from light refreshments to a delicious dinner. Food can be presented buffet-style, or it can be professionally catered. If you’d like, we can even serve a treasured family recipe or your loved one’s favorite dish.

Was your grandmother known for her homemade apple pie? Or maybe your uncle’s barbecue ribs were at the center of every holiday meal. Think of how special it would be to serve your loved one’s favorite food to their favorite people. Creating a menu is a way to let the personality and preferences shine while bringing an appreciative smile to everyone in the room.

Many families enjoy selecting music by their loved one’s favorite band, composer, or musician to play throughout the meal. Incorporating pre-selected music into the reception is an easy way to add a personal touch. You could even take it a step further by featuring live music.

No matter what you choose, our caring team will handle every detail.

We see the impact receptions have, bringing everyone together in one room to begin the journey through grief. Let us help you along the way. We have decades of experience listening to and advising families as to how they can best remember, honor, and celebrate life. We want to sure you know all your options, so reach out to us today.