How to Support a Caregiver

Being a full-time caregiver is one of the hardest jobs in the world. Caregiving encompasses a lot of responsibilities beyond the demands of healthcare. Childcare, tutoring, and household chores like cooking and laundry often fall onto a caregiver’s plate. At Cypress Lawn, our compassionate staff understands the importance of caregiving in the lives of so many of our neighbors throughout the Bay Area. We encourage the families we serve to help the caregivers in their lives whenever and however they can.

Here are some tips on how to support a caregiver: 

  1. Ask how you can help them.

As someone who prioritizes the needs of another over their own, a caregiver may have a difficult time answering the question: “What can I do for you?” Send them a text or call and say you’d like to help them out but aren’t quite sure how. This gives them time to consider what they need and to get back to you when it’s convenient for them.

  1. Send them a self-care item.

A gift doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive to be meaningful. An unexpected gift helps a caregiver feel appreciated and seen, especially if it’s something indulgent like a bar of scented soap or a decorative candle. The caregiver you know will likely welcome anything given with intention and gratitude.

  1. Practice active listening.

Though it may be the simplest tip on our list, listening is a hard one to practice. Do your best to catch a caregiver in a moment of downtime and ask them how they’re doing. Then try to listen to what they want to tell you about their day or how they’re feeling.

  1. Cross an item or two off their chore list.

Sometimes full-time caregivers can have difficulty accomplishing simple household chores like laundry. Offer to pick up their dry cleaning or give them a call next time you’re out getting groceries to see if they need anything. They’ll likely be grateful to know you were thinking of them.

Even if they don’t always ask directly for help, most caregivers appreciate receiving it, as caregiving is no easy task. Take the time to support the caregiver in your life with your energy or attention. Our dedicated team members in San Francisco are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about funerals and death services here at Cypress Lawn.