How to Support Grieving Mothers on Mother’s Day

Springtime, the season of rebirth, presents ample opportunities for celebration. On Mother’s Day, we honor the most important women in our lives with affection, gifts, and words of appreciation—among other things! For many people, this day is a positive experience, but for grieving mothers, the holiday is especially poignant. At Cypress Lawn, we know Mother’s Day isn’t easy for mothers who are grieving the death of a child. We encourage our neighbors in San Francisco to support those grieving mothers they know, especially at this time of year.


Here are some tips on how to support grieving mothers on Mother’s Day:

Give them a thoughtful and seasonal gift.

It can be difficult knowing what type of gift to give a grieving mother. No matter what you choose to send them, we recommend keeping it simple and seasonal. A bright green house plant or a colorful hanging basket make wonderful gifts that will stay vibrant through spring and into summer. You can also customize this gift to suit the recipient’s personality. If they spend a lot of time sitting on their front porch, an outdoor plant might be a better choice, for example.

Support their self-care.

When you’re grieving, it’s easy to neglect your own health and well-being. Encourage the grieving mother in your life to do something they love, whether it’s a visit to a spa or seeing a movie. If they’d prefer company, offer to join them for a nature walk or a yoga class at a local studio.

Do something in memory of their child.

Many people avoid mentioning the child’s name, which can make a grieving mother feel even more isolated and lonely than she may already feel. Talking to her about her child and speaking their name can mean a lot to her. This lets her know you miss them too. Doing something special to honor their child can also be very meaningful to her. Perhaps you donate to a charity fund in their name or bake their child’s favorite dessert for them. Before taking action to honor their child, you may want to ask permission from the grieving mother, as the grief may still be too raw.

Send them a heartfelt card or handwritten note.

A handwritten card or note is an easy way to let a grieving mother know you’re thinking about them. Even if you purchase a card from a store, be sure to include a handwritten line or two about their child. This lets her know you’re thinking of both of them on Mother’s Day.

We want to wish all our neighbors throughout the Bay Area a happy Mother’s Day. If you’d like to learn more about our funeral, burial, or cremation services, contact our staff. We are here 24/7 to serve you and your family.