Our Leadership Philosophy at Cypress Lawn

At Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, it’s our honor to serve Bay Area families during life’s most difficult moments.

For over a century, we’ve been helping San Francisco families plan funerals, cremations, and burials, and each experience has been memorable and unique.

There’s a lot about Cypress Lawn that makes us stand out from the rest, including the vast experience of our management team. Having a leadership philosophy is important, which is why we’re sharing President & CEO Robert A. Gordon, Jr.’s experiences in his own words. We hope this will give you a better understanding about our team at Cypress Lawn – and how each of us strives to treat every family we meet with the highest quality service.

“As a fourth-generation funeral director and cemeterian, I was raised on a 100-acre cemetery and funeral home. Working for a family business, you learn to do everything – and work on weekends and holidays. I dug graves, set monuments, and mowed lawns in high school.

“From there, I worked in every role in the funeral, cemetery, and cremation industry. Over the course of the last 40 years, I have worked with thousands of amazing individuals and learned from everyone.

“In the grounds, I learned how important it is to pay attention to detail and look at the cemetery from the eyes of the visiting families. My time with the mostly men on the grounds taught me camaraderie, respect, and accountability – and even a little Spanish. In the funeral home, I also saw how small things make a difference.

“One other thing that sets me apart from many is that I know what it feels like to let a family down – to miss and not meet or exceed their expectations. To fail to remove a ring from a loved one prior to burial, to have the DVD player fail and not be able to show the video tribute – I know how that feels and strive to protect families against this every day.

“As I moved into management, I made so many mistakes, but the experience and feedback made me better, and I grew. I learned that beyond skill and experience, humility stood out as the most important quality that a leader must embrace. That’s why I adopted my tag line, ‘Ensure Others Succeed.’

“My mission is to lead our association by caring for our associates, improving our assets, helping others succeed, and protecting our brand. I am truly blessed to be given this opportunity and will do all I can to leave every individual and every brand better than I found it.”

Our Cypress Lawn team is always here for you, whether you urgently need our services or if you have questions as you plan arrangements for the future. Feel free to contact us anytime.