It’s a Matter of Trust: The Importance of an Onsite Crematory

Cypress Lawn, a certified Cremation with Confidence

Trust is the foundation of all good relationships, so here at Cypress Lawn, we don’t make promises to you lightly. Maintaining the trust of the families we serve is our top priority. Because of our high level of compassionate, professional care there is no name in the funeral profession in the Bay Area that is more trusted than ours, particularly when it comes to cremation.

Cypress Lawn, a certified Cremation with Confidence provider...www.cypresslawn.comIn fact, we are the only cremation provider in the area that can offer you the Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee. What does that mean for you and your loved one? It means from the moment they enter our care, until we return them to you or settle them in their final resting place, your friend or family member is treated with the highest levels of respect and integrity.

It also guarantees your loved one never leaves our care at any moment during the cremation process.

This is critically important.

Some people don’t know this, but many funeral homes actually hire third party crematories, which are typically located in a warehouse district or other industrial-type area. These funeral homes transfer your loved one to these outside cremation services. Everything might end up being just fine, but it’s impossible for them to promise you it will be. Unless a funeral director is able to manage and supervise a cremation from start to finish, they simply can’t know the process was done correctly and ethically.

Cypress Lawn, a certified Cremation with Confidence provider...www.cypresslawn.comThat’s what sets us apart. We have our own crematory, so all your services are managed and performed by our certified staff. We provide a system of checks and balances to ensure the cremated remains returned to you are those of your loved one. We oversee the entire process, and your loved one never leaves our care. That is our promise to you.

We hope this commitment will be a huge comfort to you at a time when there are so many considerations you have and decisions you need to make. Coming to us eliminates the worries you might have about cremation. We will also work with you to make sure whatever service precedes or follows the cremation is full of meaning and infused with your loved one’s personality.

Do you have any questions about cremation? Feel free to share them below and we’ll address them, or you can visit our FAQ page.