Our Common Belief: Service and Care Make All the Difference

After a loved one dies, the family left behind has many decisions to make – including which funeral home to turn to for assistance. Here in the Bay Area, the choices are many, and we want families to know why they can trust our team when it comes to funeral, cremation, or burial.

For us at Cypress Lawn, helping those who come to us is about so much more than lining up logistics. It’s about putting every family’s wants and needs front and center so they don’t have to worry about the details. It’s about taking stress off their shoulders as we walk alongside them during a difficult time.

For us, planning a funeral or memorial service with a family is personal.

As we focus on service and care in the weeks and months ahead, we want to share this inspiring letter from our President and CEO Robert A. Gordon Jr., which was written to our associates here at Cypress Lawn.

It has been said by many scholars that groups of individuals who hold a common belief can be unstoppable. This belief bonds the group and creates a resilient force that performs effectively as a united front.

In 1892, our founder Hamden Holmes Noble saw the value of creating a place of peace and beauty where all San Franciscans could visit, celebrate life, heal from loss, and remember those they love. Since then, hundreds — if not thousands — of Cypress Lawn team members have taken up where he left off.

At Cypress Lawn, our common belief is that we can make a real difference in the lives of families who come to us during their time of need.

Every day, families are confronted with losing a loved one, which will likely be one of the most difficult moments of their lives. Through tears and confusion, they turn to funeral and cemetery professionals to honor their loved one’s life.

We’ve promised to always be there for families when they need us most.

This promise was first made in 1892, and we uphold it every day. With a caring smile, a compassionate tone, and a message of service, we meet families where they are and lead them through what could be called their darkest hour. We use our years of experience and the knowledge we have gained along the way to exceed every expectation. And we offer guidance in the journey through grief making sure they can find the way.

Through it all, our common belief at Cypress Lawn is that what we do is good, meaningful, necessary, and valuable.

When we work together, we help, and we make a difference.

Robert A. Gordon Jr.
President and CEO


Would you like to learn more about the many ways our team at Cypress Lawn can serve you and your family? Reach out to us today. We are here 24/7, whether you’re in immediate need or wish to plan for the future. We look forward to serving you and your family for years to come.