Protecting Your Legacy and Ours: The Cemetery Endowment Care Fund

There’s no question San Francisco is one of the most picturesque cities in the U.S., and Cypress Lawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home is its perfect microcosm, with stunning natural beauty, iconic buildings, and a storied history dating back to 1892. It was then that our founder, Hamden Noble, initiated the Cypress Lawn Endowment Care Fund as a way to ensure that generations of friends and family would be able to visit Cypress Lawn and honor their ancestors.

Our Endowment Care Fund is an irrevocable trust agreement, meaning, all monies collected go into an account where the principal cannot be spent. Only the interest earned may be used for the maintenance, restoration, and embellishment of Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. It was as true at our founding as it is now: When you choose Cypress Lawn as a final resting place, you can do so with the confidence that our cemetery will always be here…and will always be beautiful.


Here are some of the ways we use the money earned from the endowment care fund:

  • Planting, cutting, watering, and other care for our arboretum and spectacular grounds.
  • Maintenance of utilities, walls, roadways, and walks.
  • Cleaning and upkeep of buildings, including renovation and historical preservation.
  • Preservation and protection of records, such as our extensive digital archives. You see, every family who chooses Cypress Lawn gains access to a unique, customizable family website that can become a digital memory book, with features such as family tree, ethical will, family portraits, or meaningful videos. You can also include historical information such as military service or practical facts related to health. A significant portion of the endowment care fund ensures these beautiful family narratives will never fade away, get destroyed by mother nature, or get deleted.

Since the economy, including interest rates, is in a constant state of fluctuation, so is the amount of money available to spend on the care of our grounds and facilities. This is why the partnership of our families is so critical.

All contributions to the endowment care fund are nominal, one-time fees assessed on all purchases of cemetery property or spaces at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. Families can also choose to make additional, voluntary contributions to the fund to guarantee the perpetual care of Cypress Lawn Memorial Park.

We are proud of our legacy, dating back to when California first began, and continue to look toward the future, as we cherish and cultivate the beauty of our Bay Area treasure. Would you like your family to be part of this investment? Reach out to us today to learn more.