Why an On-Site Crematory Matters

Bay Area residents are incredibly savvy consumers. They know how to utilize consumer reports, online reviews, and articles to make sure they are purchasing a solid product or service and getting the best value. For large purchases such as a car, a computer, or a home – this is fairly easy to do. There are a number of resources online you can pull from to make sure you’re making a solid buying decision.

When it comes to choosing a cremation provider, it can be a little more challenging to know if you’re making the right decision. You can utilize Google, Yelp or Facebook reviews certainly – there is nothing more powerful than the referral of a friend or family member. But there are certain questions you want to ask your cremation provider. Perhaps the most important factor in making a choice is whether or not the provider has their own private, on-site crematory.

Completing all cremations in house, as opposed to outsourcing them to a third party, is the only way a provider can say with confidence that your loved one will be treated with dignity, care, and respect throughout the whole process. It’s also the only way they can supervise a cremation from start to finish, ensuring it meets their ethical and quality standards.

This is why we have our own crematory at Cypress Lawn. We know that when people see the name “Cypress Lawn” they expect the highest standards in both thequality of service and the compassion in care. The only way we could be confident these standards were being maintained – and that the cremated remains returned to you are, indeed, those of your loved ones – is by having our own crematory. This was critical for us.

In addition, we are also the only cremation provider in the Bay Area that can offer you the Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee. This rigorous, trademarked system of ten different checks and balances includes special procedures to track your loved one’s identity throughout the whole process.

The Cremation with Confidence™ guarantee also makes it possible for you to plan a meaningful tribute – even gathering with your family immediately prior to the cremation in the family visiting room in our historic Noble Chapel. With cremation at Cypress Lawn, you can have nearly all the aspects of a traditional funeral service, including a visitation with a funeral service, a memorial, or a reception. We also can make nearly all our personalization options available to you, so you can truly tell the story of your loved one’s life with their farewell.

And if you don’t choose scattering or personal possession for final disposition, your loved one can be laid to rest here on our beautiful, historical grounds in one of our columbarium niches or mausoleums. It’s a wonderful way to create a permanent memorial that you and your descendants can return to again and again to remember your loved one.

Additionally, all Bay Area families that choose Cypress Lawn for cremation are able to access other features only we can offer in our area, including our new family websites, which we talked about recently here on this blog, where you can create a secure, unique website to track your family’s story – including military or health records, photos, videos, and more.

With Cypress Lawn cremation, the options available to you and your family are nearly endless. And the trusted Cypress Lawn name will offer you unmatched peace of mind. If you are in immediate need or you would like to preplan your cremation with us, we invite you to reach out to a member of our experienced staff.