Video Tour of Cypress Lawn’s Historic Noble Chapel

Noble Chapel at Cypress Lawn

Noble Chapel at Cypress Lawn | California Have you visited Cypress Lawn or Noble Chapel yet? If not, we want to invite you to come out to our landmark 200-acre grounds, which we think are a true Bay Area treasure. We know this historic location and its beautiful setting doesn’t belong just to us, or even solely to those who have been laid to rest here. Cypress Lawn belongs to everyone who calls the Bay Area “home” and even visitors who come from all over the world. Because of this, we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility to care for it properly and preserve it for future generations. That’s one of the main reasons we worked to found the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation. We wanted to do our part to preserve our beautiful grounds and restore the incomparable art and architecture you’ll find when you roam Cypress Lawn.

Inside The Noble Chapel at Cypress LawnThe centerpiece of Cypress Lawn is Noble Chapel. It’s recently been renovated and restored, and we’d be delighted to show it to you during your next visit. Built in 1892, this historical masterpiece is named after Cypress Lawn’s founder, Hamden Holmes Noble. Architect Thomas Paterson Ross patterned the chapel after St. Giles Church in Stoke Poges, England, the site where Thomas Gray wrote his famous 1751 poem, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.

Tour and learn more about Nobel Chapel by viewing this video: 


Every year, we welcome hundreds of visitors to Cypress Lawn. They tour the interior of Noble Chapel, enjoy self-guided walks or docent-led tours through the grounds, and attend lectures on a number of different interesting topics. We hope you’ll be stopping by soon!

We also want you to know that it really does take the whole community pulling together to preserve and protect the wonderful history here at Cypress Lawn. We need our neighbors, and we invite you to consider becoming a member of the Heritage Foundation.

Cypress Lawn – it truly is for the living!