Why Are Obituaries Important?

An obituary is a formal announcement or notice of death traditionally found in newspapers and nowadays published online. In some cases, an obituary is the initial way a person outside the family and close friend circle hears about a death. At Cypress Lawn, our dedicated staff members encourage every family we serve in San Francisco and the Bay Area to write an obituary for their loved one, as it serves many purposes beyond simply notifying others about a death.

An obituary can play an essential role in the grieving process.

Beyond the basic biographical details such as age, place of birth, and surviving family members, an obituary may include more interesting aspects such as your loved one’s hobbies and professional accomplishments. Crafting an obituary for your loved one can highlight the things that made them special to you and help you celebrate their life even while grieving.

An obituary provides a historical map for future generations.

 As the years go by, new family members may wish to know about their loved one and understand what they were like in life. An obituary is a great tool to help future generations connect to your loved one’s story. Should they wish to trace their genealogy or create a family tree, an obituary serves as a useful piece of writing.

An obituary can call in support from your community.

Community support after a death can play a significant role in the healing process. An obituary can open the door for people in your life to support you with condolences, prayers, and help where needed. With an online obituary, some families may provide the option to plant a tree in the loved one’s memory.

 At its core, an obituary is a tribute to your loved one’s life. Try to approach the writing of an obituary with celebration and remembrance. If you’d like guidance on this process or help planning funeral services for a loved one, please contact our staff.