Why Preplanning Should Be One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Lose weight. Exercise more. Embrace a new hobby. Almost everyone is familiar with New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you set a unique resolution at the start of each year to welcome more self-improvement into your life. The new year is a great time to put this surge of active, positive energy to use and cross something important off your to-do list.

Our dedicated staff here at Cypress Lawn encourages our neighbors throughout the Bay Area to prioritize one New Year’s resolution in particular: preplanning their end-of-life arrangements. Here are some of the reasons why preplanning should be one of your New Year’s resolutions.

It’s free of charge.

Our knowledgeable professionals will help you preplan your funeral arrangements at no cost to your family. All that’s required to preplan is to set aside the time and be ready to put some thought into what your preferences are for end-of-life decisions. If you’re not entirely sure about what you’d like your funeral or memorial service to look like, don’t worry. Our preplanning experts will be there every step of the way to guide you through every decision.

It can save your family from unnecessary expenses.

If your New Year’s resolution is to provide financial security for your family, you may want to consider prepayment options. Not only is preplanning free, but if you decided to prepay, you’re also able to ensure you’re locking in today’s costs. You won’t have to worry about your family members incurring additional expenses due to rising inflation rates. Your loved ones will also have peace of mind knowing the financial aspects of your arrangements are covered.

It relieves stress from your family.

No matter when it occurs, planning a funeral for a loved one can be an anxiety-ridden affair, especially if you’re grieving their death at the same time. Preplanning is an easy way to save your family from the extra stress of planning, decision-making, and organizing all the details once you’re gone. When you preplan your funeral with us, your family and loved ones won’t have to worry about what you would have wanted and can focus on healing instead. 

If you’re located in San Francisco or the surrounding area, start the new year off right and start preplanning with us. Contact our caring and compassionate team today to set up an appointment time with one of our preplanning experts. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.