Why the Deaths of Celebrities Can Affect Us Deeply

With each passing year, we pay tribute to the celebrities who have died, and some of these deaths affect us very deeply.

Even if you didn’t know someone personally, you may still feel compelled to mourn their death.

Many of our neighbors in San Francisco and the Bay Area are surprised at how sad they feel after a celebrity they admire dies. Mental health experts say that it’s natural to grieve the death of a celebrity like Queen Elizabeth II or Kobe Bryant. At Cypress Lawn, our compassionate staff members understand there are many different types of grief.

Here are a few key reasons why the deaths of celebrities can affect us so deeply.

Their work left a positive impression on us.

Many celebrities make significant contributions to art, culture, or politics, each of which can influence the way we regard them. We may feel warmly toward a celebrity simply because they wrote our favorite novel or recorded the first album we ever bought. When these people die, we may experience the loss deeply because of the impression their work or contribution to society had on us.

We often idealize celebrities.

Because we have no personal relationship with celebrities, it’s easy to idealize them. We aren’t usually exposed to their faults or shortcomings and only see a semi-perfect version of them depicted in the media. We never think of an idealized person growing old or passing away, so when a celebrity dies, it can be shocking news to digest.

The event can trigger the memory of a personal loss.

The death of a celebrity may remind us of a loved one who has died, thus prompting waves of grief to sweep over us. Perhaps the death of a longtime news anchor reminds you of your grandmother or the funeral of a world leader sparks memories of your father’s memorial service. You may feel like you’re grieving a previous loss all over again. This is a common reaction and should be honored with patience and self-care.

No matter how famous or accomplished you are, death happens to everyone. Though this may be a scary thought, try to find comfort in the profound connection we all share. If you’re dealing with acute grief right now, here are some helpful resources to check out. Contact our team for more information on our funeral, burial, and cremation services. We are committed to serving you and your family with high-quality care.