Preplan a Cremation in the Bay Area

Here at Cypress Lawn, we are proud to deliver high-quality cremation services to families in the Bay Area. We encourage families in our community to preplan their cremations with us for peace of mind regarding a final remembrance. When you preplan your cremation with us, you’ll have the assurance that your end-of-life wishes will be taken down in detail and stored in a safe place at our funeral home until they are needed. You are welcome to update these plans as often as you wish and can choose to pay for cremation services now or later, depending on your financial needs. 

Choosing from a Variety of Service Options 

When you come to Cypress Lawn to preplan your cremation, you’ll have access to the same service options as traditional burial. You can choose to hold a visitation, catered reception, or even a graveside burial. Families can even arrange to have a private viewing prior to cremation, so their loved ones can share in a final farewell. Whether you decide to hold a gathering at our funeral home or an alternative location, we can add a memorial service to your prearrangements. 

Selecting Permanent Memorials with Cremation

At Cypress Lawn, we believe selecting your final resting place to be one of the most meaningful decisions you’ll make. Our funeral home allows for multiple options when it comes to cremation memorialization. Our Memorial Park includes a columbarium with glass-front cremation niches and indoor and outdoor mausoleums where families can honor their loved ones. When you preplan your cremation with us, we’ll help you select a decorative urn for your permanent memorial.  

Contact Us

We encourage our neighbors in the Bay Area to reach out to us (650) 550-8808 with any questions they may have about planning or preplanning a cremation. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to share more information over the phone or meet with you in person at our funeral home. We are honored to bring you and your family high-quality cremation services at a price you can afford.