Ethnic Funerals


We are grateful to be able to serve families of many different cultures and religions within the Bay Area. Just like every individual is unique, every ethnicity is unique, with traditions and rituals comprising their identity. Learn more about the specific ways we serve families below.

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Chinese Traditions
In true Bay-Area fashion, the services Cypress Lawn arranges for many of our Chinese families are a rich melding of cultures and religious expression. Many families choose to have a night visitation and may also incorporate faith leaders and multiple languages into a service. Services featuring Chinese traditions are beautifully multi-faceted, and we are able to accommodate them all.

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Filipino Traditions
Many Filipino families reside in the Bay Area. Over 85 percent of those who live in the Philippines identify as Roman Catholic. As a result, many of the Filipino families we work with at Cypress Lawn follow the traditions and rites of the Catholic faith. Of the many traditions that are unique to the Filipino culture, Cypress Lawn has the experience to help you incorporate these traditions into your farewell.

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Mexican Traditions
The Mexican people comprise the largest Latino group in the Bay Area. Many traditions are a combination of Mayan, Aztec, and Catholic beliefs. Although every person is different, those who are a part of Mexican culture tend to have a deep, religious view of death, co-mingled with a relaxed acceptance of death.

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