Monuments are permanent memorials that encapsulate your loved one’s memory within a beautiful stone structure. Designing and selecting a personalized monument allows for future generations of your family to learn more about what made your loved one so special.

Memorialization plaques are a beautiful way of ensuring they will be remembered in the years to come. Families have unlimited options when it comes to designing memorial plaques, including pictures, nicknames, and more. Cypress Lawn is the only cemetery in the area that allows you to add a collage of full-color family photographs to a plaque.

When it comes to below-ground burial, Cypress Lawn offers an extensive selection of personalized headstones. We only carry quality memorial monuments; our headstones are beautiful and made to last.

If your loved one enjoyed the peace and tranquility of being in the company of Mother Nature, you can create a cremation bench in their honor. A memorial bench can hold multiple urns, allowing for families to stay together. Our cremation benches are made of durable granite and can be personalized with colors, names, Scriptures, quotes, and more.

When it comes to honoring your loved one’s life, the options at Cypress Lawn are limitless.


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