Hospice Program

Hospice nurses and caregivers have a lasting impact on all of the patients they serve but also on their families and friends too.

Hospice care ranges from medical assistance to providing comfort, therapy, and even spiritual guidance. However, no matter what reason hospice services are requested, everyone can agree that the caregivers serve both patients and their loved ones.

Hospice Caregiver Award Program

We want to honor our exceptional caregivers who leave a lasting impression with the families they serve through our Hospice Caregiver Award Program. Each month, Cypress Lawn selects a caregiver from the nominations received online and by mail. The selected caregiver is recognized for their honorable work and receives a gift card with a $200 value. Winners are announced each month on our website, blogs, and social media pages.

You can download and mail the nomination form below, or complete the nomination form online. 

Hospice Nomination Form

Online Hospice Nomination


Resources for Caregivers

Cypress Lawn provides support for caregivers by sharing important resources that can encourage their personal growth, which helps them assist families even better.

Below are two FREE resources that any caregiver can use:

Compassionate Guide

Acute Loss