Traditional Burial

Cypress Lawn offers many in-ground burial options, including single grave spaces, double-depth lawn crypt spaces, multiple space lots, large family garden and hedge estates, and private family plots.

Above-ground entombment was previously the exclusive option for the privileged rich and famous. In 1910, Cypress Lawn built its first classic community mausoleum with a stained-glass dome named The Catacombs. Our cemetery has expanded and now offers several public mausoleums with a wide selection of facilities at affordable costs. The Halls of Remembrance, Cypress Haven, Heritage Court, and Magnolia Mausoleum offer single, companion, tandem, couch, and quadruple crypts for families.

Garden estates are another beautiful way to ensure loved ones will always be together. We give you the ability to select a plot for your family or community to share. This allows future generations to easily visit all of their ancestors at once. You can also design a memorial plaque that explains your family’s history and all of the members who are laid to rest in this private oasis.

If you are trying to find a piece of property for you or your loved one for the immediate future or the distant future, please call or stop by for an appointment.


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