A Letter from Our President & CEO: The Future of Cypress Lawn in the Post-Pandemic World

Over the past year, our Cypress Lawn team members have walked with many families as they’ve mourned the loss of their loved ones during the pandemic. We know firsthand how truly devastating this time has been, and we continue to stand ready to help Bay Area families when they need us most.

As our country and world look toward the rest of 2021, many of us are have started to feel a sense of hope and optimism that the end of this unprecedented era is in sight.

We also know many of you remain invested in Cypress Lawn — and preserving its legacy. Whether you have pre-planned with us, if we’ve helped you celebrate the life of your loved one with a funeral or memorial service, or if your relative or friend is laid to rest within our Memorial Park, we value your continued support.

That’s why we’d like to share this letter from President and CEO Robert A. Gordon Jr., who recently shared his vision for Cypress Lawn in the post-pandemic world.

During these last 14 months, we have all experienced many challenges, fears, feelings of anxiety, and for some … the loss of loved ones.

At Cypress Lawn, our team of caring professionals has persevered, pivoted, and innovated at every twist and turn during the COVID-19 battle. Every single team member worked to keep services as safe as possible for families.

At the time I wrote this letter, it was expected that California would be 100 percent reopened by June 15. With every American who chooses to get vaccinated, we all receive another shot of hope.

As the future brightens and we see better days ahead, the Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association and its affiliates and associates have emerged stronger and more resilient.

During the pandemic, Cypress Lawn was at the forefront of providing the livestreaming of funeral services to help families from near and far celebrate life, remember those they love, and heal from loss. To this end, we will continuously strive to always improve our service to families.

We also envision Cypress Lawn as a learning center for future generations, specifically through our internationally accredited Arboretum and the Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation. We are looking forward to planning in-person events, including history tours, tree tours, and movies in the park. In addition, we are also working on a partnership with local organizations to offer 4-to-8-week classes providing certificates in landscaping, tree care, and masonry skills to members of our community.

We are all the benefactors of our founder, Hamden Holmes Noble, and all of the Cypress Lawn associates who have served the Bay Area over the last 130 years.

 I am honored to be on this trusted journey with the rest of our associates to carry the torch of Mr. Noble’s vision and leave Cypress Lawn even stronger than we found it.

  • Robert A. Gordon Jr., CEO & President

If you have questions about the many ways Cypress Lawn can serve your family, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. Whether you need us now or in the years to come, we are here to help. Contact us by using our online form or by giving us a call at 650-550-8808. There is no question too big or small that we can’t answer.