The Acute Loss Period – Stage 7: The Celebrating Phase

The way the grief process unfolds is similar to riding on a rollercoaster. There are many ups and downs, and sometimes the path is unpredictable and full of unexpected twists and turns.

At Cypress Lawn Funeral Home, it is our  honor to serve families in the San Francisco Bay area and guide them through the process of planning a funeralburial, or cremation. However, we want to be more than a funeral home to our community; we also want to serve as a beacon of light for family members as they begin to heal.

One of the ways we help families navigate a heartbreaking loss is by sharing information about the Acute Loss Period. This seven-step process begins when a loved one dies, and deeply impacts the way each individual grieves. We believe this material is so vital for families that we have added a free downloadable PDF and a video to our website so you can utilize and share this resource with others.

To further assist you, we have previously published informative blogs about each of the stages, including “The Hearing Phase,” “The Sharing Phase,” “The Seeing Phase,” “The Gathering Phase,” “The Connecting Phase,” and “The Reflecting Phase.”

The final installment of our series is called “The Celebrating Phase.” Although celebration is not a word we commonly associate with the death of a beloved family member or friend, it is an integral part of the grieving process. When we discuss celebrating someone’s life, it does not mean pushing aside sadness in an attempt to move on. Instead, this step involves remembering the happy moments you shared with the person you lost.

Inviting gratitude into your daily life and thought patterns is an important part of experiencing this phase. Instead of focusing on the present and the loss you are feeling, concentrate on the numerous ways your loved one’s life impacted your own. How are you a better person because of him or her? What valuable lessons did they teach you?

While feeling sad or lonely is certainly appropriate, we cannot let it overtake our lives. One way to combat sadness after a loss is to contemplate how you can best honor your loved one’s memory. How can you convert all the love and joy this person made you feel into actions that will build upon their legacy? After all, it’s not about the way you fall down – it’s all about how you rise from the ashes. What step, no matter how small, can you take today?

At Cypress Lawn, we know your experience with grief will be as unique as you are. We are always here for you and your loved ones if you need help. Please contact us at any time or access our aftercare tools online.