Announcing Our Inaugural Recipients of the Hamden Noble Associates of the Quarter Award

At Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, it has always been our mission  to help our Bay Area neighbors celebrate life, heal from loss, and remember those they love.

Alexandra Petrini

It’s a mission that our founder, Hamden Holmes Noble, had in mind when he created this peaceful oasis back in 1892, and we still strive to follow in his footsteps today — over a century later.


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team members have suited up and showed up every day to make a difference for the families who needed help saying goodbye to their loved ones. Our employees have exuded selflessness by risking their safety and health during the scariest days of this crisis because of their commitment to the families we serve.

Juan Gomez

During these unprecedented times, all of our associates have exemplified the heart of a warrior as they persevered against all odds. When others locked their gates and stopped serving, our team pivoted and innovated so we could serve even more families.

Gus Roldan

The multiple surges in COVID-19 deaths over the past year have tested every system and every facility we own. Our team remains steadfast in our position that we will not turn any family away, that we will serve them to the best of our ability, and that we will keep the promise that began back in 1892.

Our dedication to Bay Area families is made possible by the many individuals who have dedicated their careers to Cypress Lawn. In honor of these special people, we have started a new program to recognize the team members who have gone beyond the call of duty time and time again.

Carlos Rojas

Each honoree of the Hamden Noble Associates of the Quarter Award was nominated by their peers for exemplifying what Cypress Lawn stands for.

The inaugural recipients of this award are the following individuals:

  • Alex Petrini
  • Juan Gomez
  • Joey Ley
  • Gus Roldan
  • Aracele Govea
  • Carlos Rojas

Aracele Govea

In recognition of their exemplary service, each honoree received a special award along with a President’s Care Check. We also plan to hold a special dinner in the honor of these recipients once it becomes safe to do so.

Joey Ley

We can’t say thank you enough to these individuals for their support of Cypress Lawn and for making a difference in the lives of Bay Area families every day.

Together, we hope to leave Cypress Lawn even better than we found it.