How to Create a Legacy That Lasts

Our team at Cypress Lawn agrees: The longer we’re on this planet, the more we realize how important it is to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. In turn, the more we appreciate the spiritual, emotional, and social legacies left to us by those who came before us. Think of how much you enjoy hearing about your parents’ or grandparents’ childhoods. Or the stories of how they met one another. Talk about being transported to a very different time in history – and maybe even to a different part of our country or world!

Here at Cypress Lawn, a part of our mission to make sure families in the San Francisco Bay Area don’t miss out on the opportunity to pass on meaningful stories, photos, memories, information, and lessons before it’s too late. If these treasures aren’t captured and preserved, they might disappear forever.

This is why we’ve created our family websites. When you plan with Cypress Lawn, you gain access to a customizable family website that is kind of like a digital memory book. It’s a simple, yet wonderful, way to record personal stories, portraits, letters, or meaningful video. You can even create a generational family tree. All of these memories, photos, and documents are stored in one place – safe from the elements or deletion.

Our family websites can also really bring a family together. They’re password protected, and anyone you give your password to can contribute to your photos or memories. You can also use it for very practical purposes, such as recording medical information or military service information. We are honored to provide you with your own family website at no additional cost when you choose traditional burial or cremation with us. This is your opportunity to tell your family’s story and preserve it so it can be told for years to come.

Another way to ensure generations of your friends and family can visit Cypress Lawn to honor your memory, or the memory of your ancestors, is through the Cypress Lawn Endowment Care Fund. This is an irrevocable trust agreement, so all monies collected go into an account where the principal cannot be spent. The interest earned may be used to ensure our cemetery will always be here . . . and will always be beautiful.

The funds earned go toward the following:

  • Planting, cutting, watering, and other care for our arboretum and spectacular grounds.
  • Maintenance of utilities, walls, roadways, and walks.
  • Cleaning and upkeep of buildings, including renovation and historical preservation.
  • Preservation and protection of records, such as your family website.

All contributions to the endowment care fund are nominal, one-time fees assessed on all purchases of cemetery property or spaces at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park. Families can also choose to make additional, voluntary contributions to the fund to guarantee the perpetual care of Cypress Lawn Memorial Park.

Our legacy as one of the Bay Area’s treasures dates back to when California first began – and is something we proudly cultivate to this day. If you would like to be a part of it while establishing your own family narrative, reach out to us today to learn more.