Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Has Died

Our Cypress Lawn staff members are devoted to helping families across San Francisco and the Bay Area arrange beautiful funeral services for their loved ones. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, our planning experts will help you craft a personalized tribute to your loved one. There are so many unique ways to honor a loved one who has died.


Plant something green in their honor.

Plant a tree or flowers to honor a loved one. A memory garden or memory tree is a beautiful way to create a living memorial you and your family can visit for years to come. Plant the tree in your own backyard or arrange to do so in one of your loved one’s favorite parks or a US National Forest.


Turn their cremated remains into jewelry or a keepsake.

 If your loved one chose cremation, there are many creative ways to honor their life. You may place their cremated remains in an urn for in-ground burial or placement in your home. You might also turn cremated remains into a piece of glass jewelry or a special keepsake like a parting stone. Having a unique object that reminds you of your loved one can be a meaningful way to remember them.


Embrace something they loved doing.

Throwing some of your energy into a hobby that your loved one enjoyed can make you feel closer to them. Perhaps they loved to bake, so you take a pastry class to celebrate their memory. Maybe they never missed a game their favorite sports team played, so you attend an in-person match as a tribute to their passion for athletics. Doing something your loved one liked doing can help you heal as you grieve.


Plan a special event in their honor.

Celebrate your loved one’s death anniversary by hosting a gathering with family and friends. Share stories of your loved one aloud over dessert and coffee, or put together a memory book full of photos to pass around at the event. Get as creative as you like when planning your memorial and incorporate aspects of your loved one wherever possible such as weaving their favorite color into decorations for the event.


Our staff at Cypress Lawn is experienced in helping families plan meaningful memorials for their loved ones. Contact us today for assistance in honoring yours.