Drug Overdose Resources in the Bay Area

The opioid crisis continues to plague the entire state, including San Francisco and the Bay Area. Since its widespread use in the early 2000s, fentanyl remains the leading cause of accidental drug overdoses in California, among both adults and children.

At Cypress Lawn, our compassionate staff members take the rise in drug overdoses in our area very seriously. Our hearts go out to the many local families who have lost loved ones to this rampant drug crisis. We want them to know that there are resources available in the Bay Area to support those who have suffered a drug overdose and those who have lost someone special.

Here are a few impactful organizations to contact to learn more about fentanyl prevention and reversal in the Bay Area.

San Francisco AIDS Foundation

This local organization focuses primarily on providing support for families impacted by HIV and works to combat the number one cause of death in the U.S. — opioid overdoses. The foundation’s efforts highlight both prevention and response to drug use. They provide Narcan, a medication that reverses the effects of a drug overdose, to those who need it. They can even test prescription medication for fentanyl.

The DOPE Project

The Drug Overdose Prevention and Education Project (DOPE) is committed to dispensing naloxone (the generic drug sold under the brand name “Narcan”) to prevent fatal overdoses from opioids. It’s the country’s largest single-city distributor of naloxone. The organization raises awareness on important topics like “how to recognize an overdose” and “what can increase the risk of overdose.”

Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG)

Hospitals throughout San Francisco are also doing their part to address California’s opioid crisis. The Opiate Treatment Outpatient Program (OTOP) at ZSFG employs a variety of services like medication, counseling, harm reduction services, therapy, and more. Since COVID, the program’s services have expanded to include counseling services via telehealth and telephone.

If you have lost a loved one and would like to learn more about honoring their life at Cypress Lawn with a meaningful memorial service or if you need access to grief resources, contact our experienced team today. We are here for you 24/7.