Exploring the Many Benefits of Planning Ahead

By Robert A. Gordon Jr., President & CEO of Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park,


Fluctuating prices and destabilizing events across the country and the world can make the future feel uncertain. Planning ahead, especially with decisions relating to the end of life, is one way to gain some peace of mind—even amidst this unpredictability.


At Cypress Lawn, we encourage our neighbors to make their funeral or cremation arrangements in advance for several reasons. Below are just a few of the many benefits that come with preplanning.


  1. Preplanning can help ease stress about the future.When you preplan, you can get your detailed wishes down in writing. Under the guidance of our experienced staff members, you’ll make important decisions at your own pace. You can meet with a planning professional in person or choose to begin this process from the comfort of home using our online planning form.


  1. Your family will know how you’d like to be remembered.Preplanning your own funeral eliminates any guesswork from your funeral arrangements. Your family will know exactly how you’d like to be remembered, and you can feel confident your service will be carried out just the way you envision, from the food served at the reception to the location of your final resting place. You’ll have no need to worry whether your final wishes will be carried out as you desire.


  1. Preplanning lets you set up a financial plan.Many families overspend on their loved one’s arrangements because they are too overwhelmed with grief. Putting your plans in place ahead of time allows you to take an honest look at your budget and carefully consider your options. You can even pay for your arrangements in advance—protecting your loved ones from worrying about funeral expenses down the road.


  1. Your final wishes are kept secure until they are needed.When you preplan at Cypress Lawn, your information is kept in a secure location and will be available when the time comes for our services. If you would like to make changes later, you can contact us at any time. For your convenience, you can transfer prearrangements from another funeral home to ours or vice versa.


Our licensed professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions families have about preplanning a funeral or cremation with us. Visit www.cypresslawn.com for more information or call us anytime at (650) 755-0580.