Grief Resources to Share with Loved Ones

When a close friend or family member loses a loved one, knowing how to support them can be difficult, especially during the weeks and months following the funeral. At Cy­­­press Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery, our experienced staff members provide grief support to families throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. There are a few key grief resources we recommend sharing with loved ones after a death occurs.

Peer support groups

Grief can be isolating for the person grieving the death of a loved one. Gathering with others who are also experiencing grief can provide healing and comfort. Listening to peers in a grief support group talk about the way they’re feeling and how they’re coping may provide practical tools for moving through your own grief. Help your loved one find an in-person or online support group in your community.

Online Video Resources

Sometimes those who are grieving don’t feel up to attending in-person group or individual therapy sessions. Online video resources are helpful tools that can bridge the gap and can be watched anytime from the comfort of home. Guiding Grief is an online video library where some of the nation’s top grief experts provide insightful tips on coping with loss.

Grief Resources for Children

The National Alliance for Children’s Grief offers free webinars and workbooks to help adults support children in their grief journey. Connect to local support networks and grief counselors via their site and review talking points for having difficult conversations about death with children and teens.

Online Grief Articles

The American Counseling Association has a variety of grief and loss resources, including informative online articles covering everything from complicated mourning to pet loss to grieving in a digital world. These articles are written by licensed clinical professionals and professors from across the country.

If you have lost a loved one and require grief support, contact our compassionate staff. We can connect you with grief resources to help you navigate this difficult time of life.