Grief Tips for Valentine’s Day Without Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is a festive time to celebrate romance and love, but it can be difficult to summon feelings of joy after losing a loved one. At Cypress Lawn, our caring staff members know how difficult it can be for our San Francisco neighbors to face Valentine’s Day without a loved one. No matter the time of year, navigating grief is a complex and challenging task. There are some simple ways to ease the pain of grief and feel more at peace during this holiday.

Redirect your energy.

It’s hard to ignore a holiday that’s so colorful, what with red, pink, and white balloons and heart-shaped chocolates at the grocery store. If thinking about Valentine’s Day makes you sad and intensifies the pain of your loss, make dinner plans with a friend or go see a movie to distract yourself from the holiday. Doing something physical such as taking a walk or playing a sport is another great way to redirect your energy and boost your mood.

Stay in and order takeout.

 Restaurants tend to be especially crowded on Valentine’s Day—in case you need an excuse to stay in for the holiday. A simple, comforting thing you can do on V-Day is order delicious takeout from your favorite restaurant, curl up on the couch, and turn on a lighthearted television program or a comedic film. Don’t forget dessert!

Volunteer your time.

A wonderful way to help take your mind off of grief is to volunteer your time at a local charity. Perhaps you spend an evening passing out meals at a soup kitchen in your community or give up an hour a week rearranging books at your local library. Volunteering your time can also widen your social network and lead to new friendships and connections.

Stick to the status quo.

No one says you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day at all. Performing your usual, everyday activities on the holiday can be healing in itself. Perhaps you also focus on self-care and take a long bath, light fragrant candles, or play some calming music.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day without your loved one can be incredibly painful. If you need help navigating your grief journey, contact our staff. We offer grief support services for families throughout the Bay Area.