How to Turn Your Grief into Storytelling This Father’s Day

Once a year, Americans celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June. This day is a wonderful time to honor the fathers in your life but can be difficult to acknowledge if you’ve recently lost your father. At Cypress Lawn, our staff members know how challenging it can be to spend a holiday that reminds you of a loved one who has died. This Father’s Day, connect with your father’s memory and turn your grief into storytelling to help you heal.

Visit a place your father considered meaningful.

If your father was buried in a cemetery, you might take fresh flowers to the gravestone, or perhaps you visit the spot where you scattered their cremated remains. Maybe you visit their favorite local restaurant or take part in an outdoor activity they enjoyed. If you desire company, ask a family member or a close friend to join you.

Donate to a charity in your father’s name.

Donating to a charity is a significant way to honor your father’s memory. Perhaps he was passionate about pets, and you donate to a local animal shelter in his name. If you feel comfortable doing so, share the donation details with friends and family in case they wish to make a contribution. If making a monetary donation isn’t ideal for your current life situation, you might consider donating your time instead.

Create a unique memorial in your father’s honor.

Planting a tree or flowers in your father’s honor is a beautiful, lasting act of love and remembrance. Creating a memory book is another way to craft a significant memorial object and tell your father’s story. A memory book can include whatever you wish to feature in it, such as meaningful photos, handwritten notes, recipe cards, and more. If you prefer to embrace an intangible memorial, you might consider creating a tradition like visiting your father’s favorite ice cream shop or playing his favorite sport with loved ones every Father’s Day.

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