Make Sure Your Story is Told Through a Family Website

Nothing bonds families more than shared stories and experiences. In fact, numerous studies over the last few years show the single most important thing you can do for your loved ones is develop a strong family narrative. When children and adults alike have a sense of being part of a larger story, they are more resilient, more self-confident, and more capable of developing healthy relationships with others.

Our team at Cypress Lawn is made up of San Francisco Bay Area families, just like yours, who recognize the importance of sharing life’s ups and downs throughout the generations. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you more about our customizable family websites. Access to this complimentary website is available with each funeral service, burial, or memorial planned with Cypress Lawn. Think of it as your own digital scrapbook or time capsule.

What a wonderful way to record and share a personal life story, family tree, ethical will, family portraits, or meaningful video. Cypress Lawn is proud to be the San Francisco Bay Area’s safest option for securing and preserving your family’s history. And since you only share the website with those you choose, your privacy is assured and your data is protected.

Have more questions about getting your own family website through preplanning with us? Reach out to our caring, experienced team today. We can help you plan a traditional burial, cremation, and funeral service with or without a reception. Let us help you begin to capture your family’s story.