Self-Care During a Crisis is a Must

The year 2020 is not going as planned. As COVID-19 travels across the globe, it is natural to feel heightened anxiety, disappointment, and stress. The coming days and weeks are unknown, and the unknown can be frightening.

It’s important to heed local and national health guidelines and to practice self-care to make sure you are maintaining your well-being. Our staff here at Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park wants to offer these tips to our neighbors throughout the Bay Area and San Francisco to help everyone cope during this time of uncertainty.

Utilize Technology. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have any social interaction at all. In today’s world, there are a number of different technologies available for staying in touch with your loved ones. Jump on a quick call with relatives that live far away. Set a date to FaceTime with your closest friends. Consider joining a local Facebook group of others with similar interests. Finding ways to maintain a connection with others can help you feel less alone.

Find Small Joys. So often in today’s society, it can be challenging to carve out time for the little things we enjoy. In the coming days and weeks, you may find yourself with more spare time than normal. Do you love to read? Download copies of books from your local library’s website. Does cooking relieve stress? Consider a creative recipe using ingredients you have on hand. Is there a project you’ve been meaning to get to around the house? Tackle the little things you’ve not gotten to.

Regulate News Consumption. Yes, it’s important to stay informed, but hearing about the pandemic morning, noon, and night can be upsetting. Make a conscious effort to regulate the amount of time you spend watching, reading, or listening to news stories. This includes social media.

Go Outside. It may be tempting to hunker down inside, but it’s important to take opportunities to breathe in fresh air and soak in sunlight. A quick walk down the street, a few minutes sitting on a back porch, or a drive through your neighborhood with the windows down are easy ways to lift your spirits.

Process Your Emotions. This situation is sure to bring out unique and challenging emotions for everyone. Do you feel sad, angry, confused, anxious, fearful, or stressed? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Take time to process these emotions as they come. You might write your thoughts in a journal, call a close friend, or enlist the help of a virtual therapist.

We understand how a crisis can disrupt life on every level. That’s why you need to treat your body and brain with the care it needs. Even the small steps are worth it.