Welcome to Cypress Lawn Arboretum:
A Short Feature Film

By Cypress Lawn Arboretum Director Josh Gevertz

Hello, friends! Recent months have been full of growth and change here at Cypress Lawn Arboretum.

This short feature documentary film seeks to share with you — our cherished tree-loving community — just a few of the many projects that we have been working on.

From giving care and attention to many of our oldest, mature specimen trees that represent a global horticultural diversity, to planting young seedlings that will grow to form the Cypress Lawn of tomorrow, it is our mission and purpose here at the Arboretum to connect the living legacy of our trees with the rich cultural history and community of people that care so much about our beloved and timeless Memorial Park.

Together, may we branch out, strive toward a future rich with meaning and learning, and, of course, celebrate life!