Staff & Directors

At Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Memorial Park, we’ve been helping San Francisco families through some of the most difficult times of their lives for well over a century.

In order to consistently provide high-quality service, you have to have a set of unwavering beliefs or values that guides your team as they work through decisions every day. We believe it’s important to not only share this list of our values with our staff members but also with the families and the community we serve.

Our Cypress Lawn Staff


Bob Gordon

President & CEO

Bob Gordon Jr. is a California native and a 1988 Business Administration and Marketing graduate from San Diego State University. He has been in the funeral service and cemetery industry since 1980.

Bob is a fourth-generation funeral industry leader and began his career in funeral service at the age of 15 at his grandfather’s firm, Oakdale Mortuary & Memorial Park in Glendora, CA. He worked in every position at the family cemetery and funeral home, eventually rising to the level of Vice President.

Bob is a licensed funeral director and cemetery broker.

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Board of Directors, Cypress Lawn Cemetery Association

Richard H. Peterson Jr. – Member since 2018 – Chairman of Board of Directors
Morris H. Noble Jr. – Member since 2016 – Chairman of Board of Trustees
Charles Crocker – Member since 1982
Charles R. Casey – Member since 2019
Margi Power – Member since 2019
Stephen H. Sutro – Member since 2019
Rodney A. Fong – Member since 2020
Karin Flood – Member since 2022

Board of Directors, Cypress Funeral Services, Inc.

Kenneth E. Varner, Chairman – Member since 1997
John W. Gill – Member since 1997
John Hamilton
Mark Wilson
Ray Sala
Robert A. Gordon Jr.

Arrangement and Planning Staff

Jack Jensen
Vice President of Funeral Operations – South
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Serena Bockelman
Vice President of Funeral Operations
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Cathy Severance
Vice President of Family Service
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Armando Mora
Director of Cemetery Operations and Cemetery Manager
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Daniel Yu
Vice President of Sales – Asian Field Force
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Aracele Govea
Director of Cypress Lawn Heritage Foundation
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MaryAnn Halasz-Cruz
Manager - Miller-Dutra Coastside Chapel
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Rick Riffel
Manager - Sneider & Sullivan & O’Connell’s Funeral Home and Cremation Service
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Our Values

Our Families

We believe in providing our families with high-quality services that will exceed their expectations. We further believe that all of our interactions with families should be conducted with extreme care and in a timely manner.

Our People

We believe in providing our highly valued associates with an opportunity to grow their careers and achieve their goals. We also believe in providing our people with a safe working environment and an opportunity to balance their own quality of life.

Acting with Honesty and Integrity

We believe there is never a right way to do a wrong thing. We also believe in building relationships between ourselves, our families, and other stakeholders that is based on trust and reliability.

Treating Each Other with Respect and Dignity

We believe in providing our people with a working environment based on trust (i.e. a safe working environment) where their ideas, opinions, and frustrations can be heard without repercussion or retaliation. We also believe that everyone can make an important contribution to the company and that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach.


We believe we are all in this together.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

We believe we should always strive to do our best. We also remain committed to always seeking new opportunities to make our best even better.

Safety & Security

We believe in working safely. We also believe in ensuring that our grounds and our buildings are properly maintained, are free of unsafe hazards, and are firmly secured at all times.

We hope that by sharing our company’s values that you will better understand Cypress Lawn and our team.