• Grief Tips for Valentine’s Day Without Your Loved One

    Getting through Valentine’s Day can be especially difficult if you’re grieving a loved one. Be kind to yourself and prioritize self-care during the holiday.

  • Creative Ways to Honor a Loved One Who Has Died

    Our Cypress Lawn staff members are devoted to helping families across San Francisco and the Bay Area arrange beautiful funeral services for their loved ones. Whether you choose traditional burial or cremation, our planning experts will help you craft a personalized tribute to your loved one. There are so many unique ways to honor a …
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  • Holiday Events for the Entire Family in the Bay Area

    At Cypress Lawn, our dedicated staff members love spending the holiday season out and about in San Francisco. There are so many festive events to enjoy in our area at this time of year, from musical performances to outdoor skating to gift exchanges. Whatever activity you choose, take the time to enjoy the holiday season …
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  • How to Cultivate Gratitude Amid a Season of Grief

    In recent years, gratitude practices have been acknowledged as beneficial for mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Focusing on what you’re grateful for places your attention on the present moment and can soothe feelings of grief and loss. When you’ve recently lost a loved one, cultivating gratitude can be incredibly difficult. At Cypress Lawn, our …
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  • How GivingTuesday Can Help Our Heritage Museum

    GivingTuesday is a worldwide movement that takes place each year and promotes radical generosity and giving to those in need. This year, on November 28, people across the country make special efforts to give of what they have to others. At Cypress Lawn, our dedicated staff members participate in this important annual event throughout San …
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  • The Origins of Día de los Muertos

    At Cypress Lawn, our dedicated staff members serve San Francisco families hailing from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including Hispanic families. Funeral practices vary across the world, but families from Mexico take a unique approach to death and the afterlife. Each year from October 31 through November 2, people of Mexican heritage located …
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  • Grief Resources to Share with Loved Ones

    When a close friend or family member loses a loved one, knowing how to support them can be difficult, especially during the weeks and months following the funeral. At Cy­­­press Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery, our experienced staff members provide grief support to families throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. There are a few …
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  • Why Our Staff Loves What We Do

    At Cypress Lawn Funeral Home & Cemetery, our experienced staff members are devoted to serving families in San Francisco and the Bay Area with high-quality funeral services. Our staff members are passionate about helping families in our community honor their loved ones. We genuinely love what we do and pride ourselves on offering the same …
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  • How to Start the Preplanning Conversation with Your Family

    In recent years, our dedicated staff at Cypress Lawn has helped even more families preplan their end-of-life services throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. There are many benefits to planning your funeral service in advance, from peace of mind for you and your family to saving money on rising funeral costs. Many individuals who …
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  • Celebrating Our Beautiful Stained-Glass Collection

    Choosing a final resting place for yourself or a loved one is an important decision, as family and loved ones can return to pay tribute for years to come. At Cypress Lawn, our experienced staff members serve families in San Francisco and the Bay Area with high-quality funeral, cremation, and burial services. We are proud …
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