• How to be present for a grieving friend...on
    5 Ways to “Be” with a Friend Who Has Lost a Loved One
      If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it will one day. Someone you love will lose someone they love and they’re going to need you. Make sure you know how to help them. Here are five ways to be with a friend who is in the grips of grief: 1.) Be present. You might ...
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  • Honoring Our Elders: The Rich Influence of Chinese Funeral
    Honoring Our Elders: The Rich Influence of Chinese Funeral Traditions
    California changed forever on January 24, 1848. That was the day James W. Marshall found gold at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The Gold Rush brought another treasure to northern California, as a large group of Asian, particularly Chinese, immigrants came to the area as more and more railroads were built. Today, San Francisco has ...
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  • Noble Chapel at Cypress Lawn
    Video Tour of Cypress Lawn’s Historic Noble Chapel
    Have you visited Cypress Lawn or Noble Chapel yet? If not, we want to invite you to come out to our landmark 200-acre grounds, which we think are a true Bay Area treasure. We know this historic location and its beautiful setting doesn’t belong just to us, or even solely to those who have been laid ...
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  • The beautiful grounds at Cypress Lawn.
    Welcome to the Cypress Lawn Blog!
    Welcome! I’m Ken Varner, President and CEO of Cypress Lawn. We’re so glad you’ve stopped by our new website and recently launched blog. We hope you’ll spend some time getting to know our staff, viewing our grounds, and seeing what others have to say about us. We’re excited about the opportunity to interact with our ...
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